The Young Americas Business Trust (YABT) is a nonprofit corporation, that works in cooperation with the General Secretariat of the Organization of American States (OAS) to promote social and economic development among young people in the western hemisphere and around the world. YABT develops and implements programs and activities focused on entrepreneurship. Through these, it looks to improve the quality of life and generate employment opportunities for youth in the Americas, especially those facing poverty.

Leadership: connecting young leaders and entrepreneurs with civil society, government officials and private sector representatives in a regional network of cooperation. Creating a new generation of young responsible business leaders.

Training: emphasizing the experience of generating an entrepreneurial spirit and innovation among young people, motivating and leading them through a "real life" business experience with a hands-on methodology. Technology: using the Internet's potential to provide information and build networks for learning opportunities, exchange of best practices and virtual communities.

Alliances and Resources: working with national and international organizations to provide technical and financial support to young entrepreneurs.

YABT programs have a positive impact on all aspects of the lives of youth. Since its creation YABT has empowered more than 40,000 young people in 75 countries through programs and activities that enable youth to become productive members of their communities, enhancing accessibility and giving them a voice to act as partners that will contribute in the development of their countries and the region.