VIII.- Activities by Teams for the CIC


All required documents, links, and images must be uploaded to the Team’s Account on the CIC Platform: No documents will be accepted via email or in any other form, format, or location before or after the deadline. 


a. Registration – Opens on September 23, 2019

• All Teams must register online at the CIC webpage: to be eligible to compete.

• The participating Team Members list, Project Plan and Deliverables  must be submitted by 5:00 PM, (Washington, DC Time) on December 31, 2019.
• All information during the Competition will be sent to the email address that the Team provided at the moment of registration. Teams are responsible for ensuring that the email is functional and the contents read on a regular basis.
• Registration for the CIC is free.

b. Concept Paper Submission: upon registration


1. Teams can present a Project Concept description of their business/project idea.
2. The Concept Paper as well the other documents to be submitted is a requisite which must be completed and submitted.
3. The Concept Paper for all award categories must be developed by the participants and should respond to the following questions as shown in the template available at the CIC website: at the moment of the registration: 



  1. Teams can present a Project Concept description of their business/project idea.
  2. The Concept Paper for all award categories must be developed by the participants and must be in English, responding to the following questions: 


• What is the problem/challenge your business/project idea solves?
• What is the innovation in your business/project?

• How does your business/project idea solve that problem/challenge? 
• Who benefits from your business/project idea?
• Indicate the stage of your business or water solution project:

• Is it still an idea
• Is an idea that has been started as a business/project (startup)
• Is a business that has been operating and is ready to grow
• Is a business/project that has been operating and has shown results in the past year(s) 

c. Business Opportunity Online Training (BOOT) Camp – Open from October 2019 to January 2020

The objective of the BOOT Camp Center is to provide Teams with tools, mentors and resources that will aid them in developing their:


  • Project Plan
  • Prototype validation 
  • Graphic Presentation: Promotional video, slideshow or collage of at least three pictures that demonstrate innovation.
  • Online presence: website, Facebook Group or blog that keeps the audience updated on the Team’s progress.



• All registered participants will have the opportunity to access the BOOT CampCenter, which consists of a Resource Center and online courses through YABT’s platform: 
• Teams can also obtain onsite training through local support organizations, e.g., universities, NGOs, NexLinks Centers, incubators, research centers or private sector institutions.

d. Project Plan – Deadline for submitting all Deliverables for evaluation: December 31, 2019
Project Plan template for the Caribbean Innovation Competition 

Please guide yourself to the section: Template of the Business/Project Plan.
• The business/project plan submission must follow the template provided by YABT for the appropriate award category.
First phase (Semi Finals): Business/Project Plans must be submitted in English.
• Concept Papers cannot be submitted or modified after December 31
,2019. The documents cannot be altered or amended after that date.
Second phase (Finals): Those Teams qualifying for the on-site, live Finals must present copies of their Project Plan in English. 

Market Validation of the prototype (required): The participating teams must develop a prototype and introduce it to the market with potential customers in order to validate the business idea they want to develop. Thus, validation should include Consumer Surveys. After the market test, the teams must present evidence through video, photographs and interviews with the following information: 


• Description of the functionality, design and features of the present Record of the meetings (Transcripts of Questions and Answers of at least five potential clients).
• Contact Information and reason why that potential customer of the project was chosen.
• Photos of the team interviewing each potential customer (if available).
• Feedback and suggestions from the potential customers interviewed.

e. Internet Presence: website, Facebook Page or Group, or blog
• Participating Teams must have an online presence of some sort with the objective being to showcase their product or service. 
• Teams may effectuate their web presence by simply setting up a Facebook group page or a blog (i.e. blogspot or wordpress). 
• It is not mandatory for teams to have their own domain. 

f. Graphic Presentation:  Promotional Digital Video or Catalog

A catalog of photos or graphic presentation, for the participants of the CIC Award: The participants must present a catalog with pictures or a graphic presentation demonstrating their project.  A promotional video is preferred.

The participants in the different categories must understand that:

• The promotional photos or  graphical presentation is to be done in English. 
• Teams participating in the Finals shall present all their materials in English.
• The participants can use their promotional videos in English (made on their own) for the Finals.