IX.- CIC Finalists

• Finalists will be selected from the qualifying teams that have registered and completed the process in the semi-final stage and are eligible, by the judges, to participate in the Finals.  A total of Eight Finalist Teams will be selected to move to the next round. Four teams per Award Category.

• YABT and the event sponsors will notify the international community and media of the teams selected to be part of the Finals through, www.yabt.net and www.reachcompetition.net/

• A round-trip flight ticket, accommodation, meals, and local transportation will be provided for one representative of the Finalist Team to compete at the Finals and represent the Finalist team at the Expo, Conference and Awards Ceremony. The Team Member who receives the round-trip ticket must depart from the country the team represents. The scholarship will be assigned to the Team’s CEO or a representative he/she might designate. Once the ticket is issued, it is non-transferable. Any change and additional fees are the sole responsability of the traveler.

• Each team may designate up to two members to present to the CIC Finals Evaluation Committees. No other members or mentors will be allowed in the evaluation rooms.

• The Team member who will make their "pitch" to the Judges at the Finals, should be able to present and answer questions in English. 

• Finalist teams competing for the CIC Awards must present copies of their project plan in English. It is mandatory to present these copies in English.

• Presentation of Certificates of Recognition: A certificate as Finalist will be presented to each Registered Team Member. Non-registered members will not receive a Certificate as a Finalist. 

• Any number of registered team members may travel to the CIC Finals, Expo and Awards Ceremony, with prior notification to the organizers.